Results of Khresmoi Physician Survey published in JMIR

The paper Utilization and Perceived Problems of Online Medical Resources and Search Tools Among Different Groups of European Physicians contains the results of the survey of physicians carried out in Khresmoi. It is published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (J Med Internet Res 2013;15(6):e122).

The conclusions of the paper are summarised here: The reported inaccessibility of relevant, trustworthy resources on the Internet and frequent reliance on general search engines and social media among physicians require further attention. Possible solutions may be increased governmental support for the development and popularization of user-tailored medical search tools and open access to high-quality content for physicians. The potential role of collaborative tools in providing the psychological support and affirmation normally given by medical colleagues needs further consideration. Tools that speed up quality evaluation and aid selection of relevant search results need to be identified. In order to develop an adequate search tool, a differentiated approach considering the differing needs of physician subgroups may be beneficial.


Posted on 28/06/2013