KHRESMOI at the Medical Informatics Europe (MIE) 2011

Members of the KHRESMOI Consortium are organising the workshop "Aspects of Medical Information Search" at the MIE 2011. It takes place on Tuesday the 30th of August at 11.30 (Room N3 Bergen). Presenters are: Stefan Darmoni (University of Rouen, France), Célia Boyer (Health on the Net, Switzerland), Henning Müller (University of Applied Science Western Switzerland), and Patrick Ruch (University of Applied Science Western Switzerland), moderated by Allan Hanbury (Vienna University of Technology, Austria).

Furthermore, a paper describing the KHRESMOI project (An open, trustworthy and multilingual search engine for medical practitioners) will be presented by Matthias Samwald in the session on Wednesday the 31st of August at 12.30 (Room S4 Oslo).

Allan Hanbury will speak in the panel on "Towards 'Ideal Healthcare': optimised and personalised future medicine", Monday the 29th of August at 11.30 (Room N5 Lofoten).

Henning Müller will speak at the panel on translational medicine on Monday the 29th of August at 9.45 (room N3 Bergen) and the panel on medical image processing at 15.15 (room N6 Finmark).

Posted on 18/08/2011