Khresmoi at Health 2.0 Europe

Khresmoi will be presented at the Health 2.0 Europe in Berlin on November 6-7 2012.


What is Health 2.0 Europe about? (from the Health 2.0 Europe website)
It’s about a new generation of entrepreneurs believing they can be the change they want to see in their health systems. It’s about engaging a deeper conversation and widening our perspective on today’s health eco-system: it’s not just about social media and communities, it’s also about patient-physician communication, system reform, data, analytics, population health management, personalized medicine, sensors/devices/unplatforms, wellness… The conference is about leveraging the international Health 2.0 community to promote cross-pollination of ideas and technology collaboration. It’s about start-ups leading the way into the future of healthcare!

Posted on 16/05/2012